Colorful Summer Ice Cream

with Golden Milk Latte, Nourishing Green Latte and Boosting Red Latte What is summer without ice cream? In-fact, what is life without ice cream? With this awesome tasting, colorful ice cream you'll have another easy way to make this cold treat at home without hassle! It doesn't take much longer than a few minutes, not …

Homestead Evening at the Wandering Market

Last Saturday, we had a Homestead Evening at the Wandering Market in Moose Jaw. The room actually gave an impression of our living room with all the wooden walls around us.

 The menu was a greek dip with freshly baked sourdough bread, a hearty potato soup with bacon and homemade ice cream! We all had quite some fun and could share a lot about homesteading old and new!
We surely will offer more evenings like that!